Google releases Chromebooks

posted 24 May 2011, 15:01 by Bill Russell
Google recently announced that they had finalised development of their ChromeOS, an operating system that relied on all documents and applications being on the web, with no file storage in the computer.  The first devices will be released on June 15th by Acer and Samsung.

This signals a major change in the direction of personal computers, from their origins as isolated desktop systems in 1984 to fully connected mobile devices today.  Chromebooks are the first computers built from the ground up to recognise this new reality. More at

Here at CloudG6 we recognise the importance of this development, but also see some practical issues that limit their current usefulness.  Chromebooks rely on "always on internet", which simply does not happen yet.  Off-line support for Google Apps is coming (northern summer) but its not here yet. Once this enhancement is available, then you will be able to consider devices like Chromebooks.

The CloudG6 package recognises that you don't have always on internet and may not want that.  Our bundle of tools allow for creation of documents off-line and have tools such as DropBox or Syncplicity to allow for files to be backup up online and/or synchronized to your Google Docs files.  We can customise a solution for the way you want to work while improving document security and access.