The Times They Are a-Changin'

posted 30 May 2011, 19:26 by Bill Russell   [ updated 5 Jul 2011, 13:18 ]
The words of Bob Dylan could not be more appropriate
at the moment with many Google tools being at the forefront of changes in how businesses are managing their IT requirements and business processes.

The dominance of Microsoft in the corporate world is wavering with customers tiring of software upgrades and Windows updates.  Google's Chrome OS promises much for the future, but there is much we can do right now to replace legacy systems with cloud based apps.  Software as a Service (SAAS) has come of age and Google leads the way in offering low cost, effective systems that will replace the expensive server based tools of the past. The pay_as_you_go model used by SAAS makes more sense than the capital intensive legacy software systems of the past. Would you rather spend $5 per month and get constant transparent upgrades or $500 and have to pay again in 3 years? (Office Professional 2007 to Office Professional 2010)

The Google App Marketplace offers web-based applications that work seamlessly with Google Apps.  CloudG6 works to simplify the trial and error process of selecting the best applications for your business.  We research and trial many of the apps on offer to advise you on the best fit for your business.  The ability to fit into your business processes is paramount, so careful selection and testing during deployment is essential.

Xero is gaining a great reputation as the easiest accounting software to use.  Its a web app, but currently does not have full Google Apps integration, however there are solutions.  Like Capsule, which is a simple, flexible CRM for small businesses and sales teams. Capsule makes it easy to keep track of your customers and other contacts, your sales opportunities and follow-ups, and it integrates with Xero to give a complete history of invoices and payment status for customers.

There are new applications becoming available every day.  CloudG6 now have a page dedicated to marketplace apps, which we will continually refine our short list of the best apps available that integrate with Google Apps. Solutions are now available for Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Accounting, Inventory and Purchasing, Hospitality, Retail, E-commerce ..... well just about any business could reduce their costs, improve productivity and security by considering cloud based solutions.