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We have developed a number of tools specifically for sports and service clubs.

Clubs generally are on tight budgets so the primary aim is to minimise costs, while automating tasks as much as possible for over worked volunteers.  All tools are based around easy to use free tools from a number of providers. The tools we use also have no hosting fees associated with them, so the only on-going costs are the annual domain registration fee.

We can offer clubs a package that suits their specific needs. What ever your clubs needs, we can taylor a package that meets these, establish the base services and teach your volunteers how to use the tools and maintain the package.  We will give support and guidance through one-on-one coaching or workshop evenings.  If you can use Microsoft Word, then you have the skills needed to maintain webpages and email lists.

Our prices start at just $250 plus GST for a club DIY website.  
  • We purchase a domain name and setup a framework for your club website in Google Sites.  
  • We then assist you to create your website and do the technical stuff to get the website associated with your clubs domain name.  
  • You create all the content and layout with coaching from us.

For $600 plus GST, we offer a a basic club package which includes
  • email lists for the club committee, general members and special interest groups.
  • create a simple starter website, which you can maintain and develop.
  • an events calendar.
Optional extras:- We have the following options that may suit your club.  Prices are by quotation as the size of your club will determine how much effort is required to setup.
  • Secure club only pages. 
  • Subscription management system
  • Rich content email newsletters
  • Event Registration service
  • Facebook integration with subscription and events management
  • On-line booking system for courts,turf or facilities
A variety of different website templates can be used as the basis for your site and customised as required.