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Small Businesses

You can get email, shared calenders a website and more for only US$5 per user per month.

We will work with you to establish which web applications suit your business processes and needs and deploy Google Apps and those selected web apps in a staged roll out.  Time will be taken to test and verify the deployment, migrate legacy data and train your staff.  We can act as your system admin for a while, but getting one of your staff to take control of the day to day task will be our ultimate aim.
  • Domain Name. We will provide you with your own unique domain name -  Our price includes domain registration fees for 12-months. We want you to take control, so we register this in your name and you will get reminders annually.  You can opt to register for a longer period (up to 10-years) to secure your domain name.  The cost is $19.95 per year for a domain.
  • Website. If required, we will establish a simple starter website, which will give your business a presence on the web. The website will have a short description about your business, the products and services you offer, your contact details and a contact form.
  • Email - We will provide you with a professional email address -  You can separate out your business and private emails.  
  • Calendars for all staff and/or resources. Using calendars you or staff can schedule their work through shared calendars.
  • Mobile Phone setup - smart phone required. If you have a smart phone like an iPhone, iPad or Android phone, your email and calendars can sync with these devices, so appointments made when you are in the field will be seen in your computer when you get back to the office.  You can get txt reminders of appointments and you can respond to emails in the field. 
  • On-line data and data sharing. You business data is available to you where ever there is an internet connection.  Should the worst happen and your business premises are destroyed, your IT systems to get your business up and running again are easily accessible - not locked in a server damaged by a flood!
  • Data Syncronisation. A documents folder is established on your computer, which has all your business documents inside (there can be sub-folders).  This folder is syncronised with your Google Docs account.  This means you have automatic backup of all your documents and you also have access to them anywhere, anytime or your phone, laptop anyhow. 
  • Google Places listing to improve search hits. One of the simplest ways to get your business noticed is by having a Google Places listing. If someone searches for your business, a map listing will appear in their search. We also setup Google Analytics to track visits to your website.
  • Training. 6 hours initial training and 6-months support. We will show you and your staff how to use email and calendars and make changes to the website.  We are also developing on-line documentation to allow you to take control and you can always give us a call.

Price - $900 plus GST. Subscription fees are not included.