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Medium Businesses

Businesses with more than 10 staff will need to subscribe to the Business edition of Google Apps.  This will cost either US$50 per user per annum or US$5 per user per month. While not free, this is a very low cost IT service compared with the cost of in-house servers.  The features offered, such as the level of security, 99.95% up-time guarantee and other benefits make this excellent value in an easily administered package.
Google Apps for Business has some significant benefits compared with the free edition. 

Google operates one of the most robust networks of distributed data centres in the world. Security is of a higher level than most businesses can provide in-house and meets US Government standards - some US Government Departments now use Google Apps. Anti-spam, anti-spoofing and anti-virus tools are built into email and operate transparently in the background. Servers and software have been designed from the ground up as a "multi-tenant" system and proven for over 5-years. As a result, up-time is guaranteed to 99.9% and you can have confidence in data security.

"Google has created a secure, reliable cloud based computing environment with collaboration technology that can't be matched by other systems today."

– Jason Ruger, Director of IT Strategy Motorola Mobile Devices

Customising a solution to suit your business is our speciality.  There are now more than 500 web applications that will integrate with Google Apps to provide you with a solution that will suit your business. Most industries are now catered for and many of the solutions can be further customised specifically for your business.  Integration with Xero on-line accounting features on many of the newer web applications.
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Admin and Financial
A number of the web applications can be custom built in a very short time to meet your specific requirements.

Pricing is by quotation from $1000 plus GST.  Subscriptions fees are not included.