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We create simple, elegant low-cost websites for small businesses and clubs.  Every business and club needs a website, so that your customers can find you by googling from their phones or computers. Websites have replaced brochures and print media as the primary means to tell people about your organisation.  

To keep things simple and so you can easily edit and manage the website we create, we use Google Sites.  This has the advantage of having free hosting, so that your only costs are our time to create your site and an annual domain registration fee.  Web hosting can be an unexpected extra cost to businesses and clubs.

So that people can find your business, you need a domain name, which gives your business a professional store front to the web.  A domain name is a unique identifier for your site eg

Google Sites is a simple set of site editing tools that is very similar to using Word.  Once we create a structure for your website, editing and updating the content is simple.  We can add "gadgets" to your page, so that things like video, maps and news snippets can be embedded in your site to make it interesting and dynamic.  We can also link your site to a Facebook page and Like buttons, so that you can use Social Media (Facebook Page setup is an extra charge)
  • Domain Name. We will provide you with your own unique domain name -  Our price includes domain registration fees for 12-months. We want you to take control, so we register this in your name and you will get annual renewal reminders.  You can opt to register for a longer period (up to 10-years) to secure your domain name.  The cost is $19.95 per year for a domain.
  • Website. We will establish a simple starter website, which will give your business a presence on the web. The website will have a short description about your business, the products and services you offer, your contact details, a simple contact form and testimonials. If a more complex site is required, with detailed pages on products and services, we can either teach you how to create these or create them for you for a small extra fee.
  • Google Places listing to improve search hits. One of the simplest ways to get your business noticed is by having a Google Places listing. If someone searches for your business, a map listing will appear in their search.
  • Google Analytics. We will list your site with the 5 main New Zealand web indexes and setup a Google Analytics account, so that your site gets found in search results.
  • Training. 2 hours initial training and 3-months support. We will show you how to add content and make changes to the website.  We will also provide on-line documentation to allow you to take control and you can always give us a call. 
One of the key elements of any website is snappy eye catching photography.  Before you start with your website you need to collect together what images you have for your business.  If you need more, then we can assist by either sourcing some stock photos or taking specific photos for you.  Some extra charges may apply, but we can often create your site

Price - $600 plus GST